Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Salmacian people intersex?

    Salmacian people may or may not be intersex. Being Salmacian does not make a person intersex.

  • Are Salmacian people transgender?

    Not necessarily. While many Salmacian people are transgender, there are Salmacian people who are happy with their assigned gender. It's up to each individual to decide if they fall under the trans* umbrella.

  • Are all Salmacian people AMAB/AFAB?

    No. There are Salmacian people of every assigned gender and sex.

  • What does “Salmacian” mean?

    The term “Salmacian” refers to people who want mixed genitals, typically this means having both a penis and a vagina.

  • Are Salmacian people non-binary?

    Not always. While some Salmacian people are non-binary, others are strictly “female” or “male”. Salmacian people can have any gender identity.

  • Is “Salmacian” a gender?

    Most Salmacian people do not consider it to be their gender, but there are many exceptions. Salmacian people may be any assigned gender, acquired gender, sex, etc.

  • When do you get “the surgery”?

    This question assumes that transition follows a set path. This is not the case. There are many different combinations of surgical procedures and techniques available, and more than one trip to the operating room may be needed.

    Surgery is a very personal choice. It involves significant risk, cost, and personal effort. Not everyone is in a position to overcome those obstacles. Additionally, we believe that surgery is not a requirement to claim the Salmacian label, and no one should feel pressured to get surgery.

  • How do I become a Salmacian person?

    If you find yourself desiring mixed genitals, then you can claim the term for yourself right now! For medical steps, there are many options including hormone therapy and surgeries, that can be obtained from most up-to-date gender specialists.

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