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This website is a collection of information and resources regarding the Salmacian identity.

It is created by Salmacian people for everyone: non-Salmacian people, questioning folks, and other Salmacian people. Anyone who wants to learn.

What’s a “Salmacian”?

Salmacian is a term for people who wish to have a mixed genital set. This usually means wanting one’s body to have both a penis and a vagina, though not always. Most Salmacian people are queer, but anyone, of any gender or orientation can be Salmacian.

Why are there people who want this? Every person is individual and distinct. Reasons and desires vary wildly. For some, a mixed genital set can be a source of gender affirmation or nonconformity. Others may want new genitalia while avoiding the hassle and risk of removing their natal genitalia. For those seeking to maintain fertility it also presents an appealing alternative to the often sterilizing genital alteration options. There are many, many reasons that include everyone from those who simply want a broader array of options during sexual activity, to those who experience severe dysphoria from their missing body parts.


Salmacian as an identity appears in The Angel’s Dictionary, a 1996 webpage of queer terms collected by Raphael Carter, an intersex androgyne. This term was coined by Carter and suggested “as a term for male-to-intersex and female-to-intersex transsexuals”. Zie called it “Salmacian” as a reference to the Greek myth of the nymph, Salmacis, whose wished for her body to be merged with that of Hermaphroditus, the son of Hermes and Aphrodite. The gods obliged, and the two became one being who had both male and female body parts. As well, the spring they lived near gained the ability to cause this effect in anyone who bathed in it.

Since then, the meaning of the term has evolved and expanded. Due to certain issues with the original definition, such as its usage of ‘intersex’, the term’s definition has shifted to simply mean “those who desire a mixed genital set”. Bigenital is a similar/synonymous term for people who specifically want a penis and vagina.


The established Salmacian flag. It is a rectangle with five horizontal stripes. The first stripe is medium blue; the second, light blue; the third, purple; the fourth, light green; and the fifth, medium green.

The most established Salmacian flag is meant to be an abstract representation of the original spring of Salmacis, with the first two stripes representing the sky, the middle stripe being the spring itself, and the last two stripes being the forest ground. It was posted to the Pride-Flags DeviantArt account in 2016, though the creator of the flag is anonymous.

The Sign of Salmacis flag by Erikatharsis. It is a rectangle split roughly into thirds vertically. The first and last third are a green fill. The middle third is on a diagonal tilt, with a purple background and yellow borders. In the center, in yellow, is the lowercase Greek letter sigma, with wavy lines in the middle of the circle, reminiscent of a circular pool of water.

The version that we, the site creators, prefer is the Sign of Salmacis flag by Erikatharsis. From xer blogpost about the flag:

Green represents aspiration towards having mixed genitals, and the normalization of genital non-conformity; yellow represents euphoria from having mixed genitals, and raising awareness of salmacians’ existence; purple represents the fusion of different sexes, and individualistic personal autonomy. The flag’s central emblem, the “Sign of Salmacis”, consists of a lowercase sigma for “salmacian”, with waves to represent the sex-transforming Salmacis Spring of mythology.

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